Spiritual/Christian Programs

Extreme Makeover:  Soul Edition (It’s Better than Botox!)

All great skin care companies agree:  it takes 5 basic steps to get softer, smoother, more radiant skin.  But wouldn’t it be great if there were 5 basic steps for a softer, smoother, more radiant soul?  There are!  Indulge yourself with some scriptural pampering to chase away the wrinkles in your soul, and “His glory will appear upon you…then you will see and be radiant!”  (Is 60:2,5)

  Girl…U. R. H. O. T!

With a talk based on her new book of the same title, Maureen will inspire you to rediscover how you are more influential than you think you are. Having struggled with self-doubt, self-condemnation and insecurity most of her life, Maureen has uncovered valuable scriptural truth that will silence the internal voice in your head that screams “I’m not good enough!” God says we are. In fact, we are unbelievably blessed, loved and valuable to Him and to others.

Maureen teaches that we can use the 5 Firestarters to ignite our influence. They are Uncontainment, Relationship, Home Run, Ordainment and Tapestry. With these firestarters, you will start a fire that will spread through your world. Be contagious, be confident, be on fire!

Are you a Supersonic Person Living a Subsonic Life?

Have you ever been called upon to do something that was so far out of your comfort zone that you were secretly paralyzed with fear?  Or have you ever said to yourself  “I don’t think I am the right person to do that job.”  Have you ever turned down a great opportunity or let a promising challenge slip by because you lacked the confidence to do what you thought was required?

Then you have been living a subsonic life!

In this presentation you will explore what it means to live supersonically.  Supersonic living isn’t about speed.  It’s about potential and purpose.  Your purpose is clear: To bring God glory. Drawing on her background as a jet engine research engineer,  Maureen will use stories to illustrate a process of how to live out that purpose, in spite of obstacles, naysayers or doubts. In fact,  it’s the exact same process YOU can use to step out of YOUR comfort zone,  cause you to rethink the impact you can have on your world, and truly enjoy the people you connect with every day.   It’s about having the under-girding of confidence that every encounter with another person can be a deeply rich and effective one,  leaving an unmistakable trail of good influence in its wake, ultimately giving God the greatest glory.


Stop! Drop! & Rest!

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.”  In three sessions you will learn to STOP…stop running from God, stop striving for significance, stop fighting the battles that only God can fight.  You will DROP your resistance to God, and take up the invitation to enjoy Him in a Sabbath REST.  (3 session retreat)


What Grinch is Stealing YOUR Christmas?

Are you torn between the exhausting efforts of the holiday season, and trying to maintain a strong spiritual focus?  Oh girlfriend, you are not alone!  Maureen’s testimony and the powerful lesson God taught her about Jesus during one Christmas season will captivate you.  You will shed some tears, share some laughs, and shape your faith…and Christmas will never be the same for you.