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Personal Note from Maureen

Would you like to see dramatic improvement in your presentation skills? Would you like to be known as a powerful presenter who is magnificent AND memorable? Would you like to know the secrets that even many professional speakers don’t know?

Coaching can help!!! I am living proof!

When I was an engineer for NASA, I frequently made presentations – all kinds of them. Budget reviews, project status reports, facility maintenance updates, facility tours to visitors. I thought I was OK doing it, until my boss told me I was terrible. He was right. My skills were bad. My confidence was bad. My effectiveness was especially bad.

Wanting to improve, I joined Toastmasters in 1997. The plan worked. In 2009, I had the privilege of competing in the finals of the Toastmasters International Speech contest, competing for the title of the World Champion of Public Speaking. Wow…out of more than 30,000 contestants, I made it to the top 10!  I went from being really bad, to not so bad. Actually, pretty darn good.

How did that happen?

I changed because of coaching.

On my way to the finals, I was coached by extraordinary speakers. I discovered there’s no faster, more effective way — no more permanent way — to improve than through being coached by someone who has ‘been there, done that.’



You can dramatically improve your presentation skills and be a better presenter if you choose to get coached.

I can help you with several coaching formats:

• Workshops
• One-on-one sessions (in-person or Skype)
• Group coaching (company or team)
• Evaluation of written text
• Evaluation of recordings (video or audio)

An initial phone consultation — to discuss your goals, expectations, and current skill level — is free. Your investment depends on the package you choose. I am absolutely positive that what you get for your investment can be life changing and career launching. So many people have seen amazing results!


Here’s what a few of my clients have to say…

“I needed a lot of help with my presentation skills. Maureen was incredible! First, she made me feel very comfortable. Then she taught me to organize my thoughts and talk/present using my feelings. What a difference. She made it much easier than I could have imagined. I highly recommend Maureen Zappala for your presentation skill needs. PS: Her books are really good too!” (Don McIntosh, CEO of Rea & Associates)


“Maureen is an outstanding expert who helped me greatly with a critical presentation. I highly recommend her!” (David Rust, professional coach, and entrepreneur)


You too can see a big difference! I’d love to help you succeed

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Contact me today at or 330-441-0722 to schedule your free consultation! You’ll be glad you did!