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Published Articles

“Do You Suffer From Impostor Syndrome?”
Aug 2018 ~ Click to View

“Tuned for a Great Ride”
April 2017 ~ Click to View

“We Are What We Do”
January 2017 ~ Click to View

“It’s a Special Occasion!”
December 2016 ~ Click to View

“Introduction Construction”
October 2016 ~ Click to View

“Congratulations, Club Officers!”
July 2016 ~ Click to View

“From One Club to 164,
and Still Going Strong!”

June 2016 ~ Click to View

“Finish Strong!”
April 2016 ~ Click to View

“A Table Topics Workout”
February 2016 ~ Click to View

“New Year, New Tune”
January 2016

“Two Paths to Speech Contests”
October 2015

“Generation Collaboration”
July 2011



In this audio clip, Maureen tells a story about her celebrity cousin George Burns. (5:20)

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Listen to Maureen's opening words during a training workshop she delivered at a recent Toastmaster's International District 40 Conference, in Columbus, OH. (4:34)

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