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People Say You Are Amazing. If Only YOU Believed It.

Pushing Your Envelope

How Smart People Defeat Self-Doubt and Live with Bold Enthusiasm

Everyone sees you as successful and capable. You, however, explain away your accomplishments as due to luck, timing, or good connections. Your inner voice declares, "They all think I'm smarter than I really am! I feel like such a fraud."

This version of chronic self-doubt that plagues high-achievers is called "Impostor Syndrome." It causes people to discount their success and second-guess their abilities. Haunted by a fear of being unmasked as a fake, they remain beneath self-imposed limits, afraid of both success and failure.

Some limits need to be pushed. Airplanes fly within limits called the "operating envelope," the set of conditions where they are aerodynamically safe and stable. Sometimes they "push the envelope" and fly near and even beyond these limits.

You, too, can "push the envelope." Move beyond your imagined limits, beyond feeling like a fake. Replace the fear and anxiety with joy and excitement, and live with bold enthusiasm. Feel great about being great!


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Great Speakers Are Not Born — They're Built!

How to Construct Clear, Credible and Compelling Communications

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Do you realize you have more influence
than you think you do?

This is not a book about self-esteem or living your dream or being extreme. It has simple truths about how God has positioned you for His purpose, which is to influence your world.

With heartwarming stories, humor and powerful scriptures, Maureen will show you how you can:

  • Embrace God’s power so you can enter your world with unshakable God-confidence instead of fickle self-confidence.
  • Learn how your influence isn’t limited even if your place in life is.
  • Find the “perk in your work” so you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.
  • Explore how your past pain has perfectly prepared you for God’s present purpose.
  • Break free from self-imposed constraints that limit your influence.

With the Fire Starters of Uncontainment, Relationship, Home Run, Ordainment and Tapestry, you will experience God like you never have before, you will see more of Him than you ever have before, and you will give Him more glory than you ever have before.

Available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle

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Power Talk!

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