Presentation Skills Programs

How to Add S.P.I.C.E. to Your Speeches!

Maureen Zappala is also a presentation skills coachHave you ever had a deliciously seasoned meal that you remembered and relished long afterwards? Why not create the same experience for your audience with your words? In this workshop, you will learn the Five Non-Negotiable-Must-Have-But-Often-Omitted-Game-Changing-And-Astoundingly-Simple Ingredients that makes every presentation an awesome experience.

When you add the five S.P.I.C.E. elements, you will add the extra flavor to your message that will cause your audience to take action to make their lives better. You can be on the road to becoming a master communicator because your speeches will transform people, giving them an experience that they will remember and ideas they will use.

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Image Essentials for Women Who Present

In this one-hour seminar, you will learn to overcome some of the issues unique to women speakers that stand in the way of them having the most impact they can. Topics include wardrobe selection, microphone use,  hair and makeup concerns, gender communication, and developing a  feminine and engaging,  yet powerful and commanding presence.

While this is not necessarily a fashion image talk, there will be some focus on current trends, fashion styles and the messages women send with their appearance and behavior.

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Become a better speaker by working with a speaking coach

 Find the Glory in Your Story

We all have a great story to tell. And we all should tell our stories. But, unless you find the “glory” in the story…the real MESSAGE of the story, you are shortchanging your audience. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to catalog your memories and experiences  so you can develop a list of stories from which to draw.
  • The litmus test that determines if a story is a GREAT story that has potential to change listener’s perspectives.
  • How to transfer that value to your audience by pulling out a powerful message for them.
  • How to encourage your audience to take action after being inspired by your story and the message.