Impostor Syndrome/Leadership Programs

High Achiever, High-Believer:
How to Align Your Confidence to Your Competence so you Enjoy the Career You Deserve

Female professional speaker, Maureen Zappala, discusses leadership principles during her conference keynote speech.You’re talented, accomplished and successful. People think you have it all together. Yet you still think to yourself “Oh my gosh! I don’t t know what I’m doing! And everyone is about to figure it out! They’re on to me!”

You feel like a fraud, an impostor. You discount your success, often explaining it away as due to luck, or an accident or perhaps due to a grand mistake somewhere. You live in near-constant state of being discovered as incompetent or stupid. This drives you to work harder, accomplish more, and strive for more goals. You’re exhausted, and can’t enjoy your career.  And the fear of being discovered never leaves you.

You suffer from the Impostor Syndrome or the Impostor Phenomenon.

It’s estimated that 70% of people suffer from this. That alone should give you encouragement: You are not alone. But, be even more encouraged! There are proven strategies that can silence that impostor voice so you can embrace your success and be confident to move further ahead without fear of being unmasked as a fake. You can be released from the clench of the counterfeit so you can match your confidence to your competence.

Specific learning objectives:
  • Objective 1: Understand the causes, symptoms and likely “victims” of the Impostor Syndrome.
  • Objective 2: Learn a 3-step strategy to turn down the volume of the impostor voice in your head.
  • Objective 3: Explore how engaging in community can further diminish the Impostor syndrome
  • Objective 4: Learn a methodical process of documenting your success and accomplishments, so you can align your confidence to your competence.
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Leadership is NOT Rocket Science

Maureen Zappala, professional keynote speaker, discusses how to be an effective leader.Great technical or topical experts do not automatically make great leaders and managers. Unfortunately, far too many people are promoted into a leadership position simply because they totally rock their current job.

But that often sets them up for failure. They don’t have the right “soft” skills to lead well. The result is that everyone loses. The leader is discouraged. The crew is frustrated. Upper management is forced to accept lower morale and productivity. Leadership is not rocket science. It’s just as complex, but it’s completely different.

In this session, Maureen will uncover a unique twist on leadership that can transform a technical expert into a managerial superstar. When you, the leader, discover the “Five Essential Fuels”  that your employees need, you will be able to lead with authority, passion and confidence. Your team will begin to explode with loyalty and camaraderie. Leadership is not rocket science!

As a leader, you will learn:
  • How to identify what best inspires an employee
  • How to engage them in work that they hate so that they can find enjoyment in it
  • How to motivate people with things besides money
  • How to help people find their fit, so they can flourish in their role.
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Is Your Supersonic Team Producing Subsonic Results?

Leadership keynote speaker, Maureen Zappala, talks about teamwork & productivity.Your team doesn’t have to follow the depressing statistics that say “More than 71% of employees are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their job.  But even your star employees that appear to love their job may secretly struggle with some dissatisfaction.

You, as a leader, can prevent this, or turn this around! You know you have star players on your team…and there’s a LOT you can you do to make them SUPERSTARS. Take some lessons from the jet engine testing world…while leadership isn’t rocket science, there are things you can do as a leader that the greatest propulsion researchers do too.

In this keynote, you’ll explore three aspects of leadership that are so basic and fundamental, that most leaders unwittingly overlook them. You can learn the secrets to being the leader they need so they become the team you need. You will gather your data, you will push the envelope, and you will see how small changes in power setting make a huge difference. Propel your team to peak performance by thinking like a rocket scientist.