“Maureen is a fantastic speaker and teacher. I’ve attended several of her workshops already and they are well worth your investment if you are looking to present yourself in a more professional and polished manner.”

Greg Loo
business owner

— • —

“What an amazing opportunity to grow as a speaker. I have attended several of Maureen’s presentations, and always walk away with new A-HA moments.”

Jenilee Taylor, General Manager
Homewood Suites

— • —

“I went to Maureen’s presentation seminar with the hope that I would be encouraged and more confident as a teacher. I was not disappointed. However, I was also surprised by how quickly the seminar content impacted my classroom. In one week, two tips: 1) using pauses well and 2) narrowing the focus of my lessons have opened the door to richer classroom discussion and increased student comprehension. Who knew that a half-day seminar could make such a difference?”

Peggi Tustan
author and speaker

— • —

“I would strongly recommend Maureen Zappala as a speaking coach. She coached me in developing a speech for a conference presentation. Her insight was invaluable and really helped me structure the speech. Her suggestions dramatically improved the flow of the speech and added personal stories to help me connect with the audience. My presentation was a rousing success and had lots of positive audience feedback. Maureen’s assistance played a critical role in my success and I will not hesitate to use her coaching skills again for future presentations.”

Craig Carrel, President
Team 1 Plastics, Inc.

— • —

“Wow. This is a game changer.”

Anonymous conference attendee, after a session on Impostor Syndrome