Turning High-Achievers into High-Believers

Keynote Speaker and former NASA Propulsion Engineer shows high achievers how to overcome Impostor Syndrome, and eliminate self-doubt once and for all.

Did you know you have brilliant team members who believe they're not as smart as people think they are?

Despite a long list of accomplishments and accolades, they often feel unqualified, and afraid they’ll be discovered as a FAKE. Even your smartest and most accomplished people experience this unique form of self-doubt. It’s called THE IMPOSTOR SYNDROME.

The Impact of Impostor Syndrome:

  • It suppresses creativity and stifles innovation.
  • It keeps bright and capable people afraid from taking risks or new challenges.
  • It leads to poor performance, employee disengagement, and high turnover.
  • It can cost a company time, revenue and opportunities.

Imagine if the people in your organization were free from impostor syndrome. 

When they align their CONFIDENCE to their COMPETENCE,

they would:

  • Be willing to take calculated risks and accept new challenges.
  • Be the foundation of the high performing teams that get things done.
  • Be wellsprings of creativity and innovation.
  • Improve their overall wellbeing and truly enjoy the career they deserve.
  • Have significantly more influence and contribute so much more to your goals.
Maureen Zappala professional speaker.

As in-demand professional speaker and former NASA engineer, Maureen knows this struggle. She’s developed strategies, (called “The Fraud-Free Framework”) to help smart employees KNOCK-OUT the SELF-DOUBT that causes them to dismiss their skills and discount their success.

Invite Maureen to share this Fraud-Free Framework with your team, so they can live with bold enthusiasm and embrace their true value.

Impostor Syndrome Programs

Uncover your team’s untapped potential

Courageous Communication Coaching Programs

Be equipped to be an amazing fearless presenter

Books & Other Resources

Find resources to take a deeper dive into overcoming Impostor Syndrome

About Maureen

Keynote Speaker, Author, Chief Impostor Buster

When I was hired at the NASA Lewis Research Center as a research engineer in the Propulsion Systems Lab, I thought, “They only hired me because they need more women.”

I wasn’t a straight-A student, so I didn’t think it was my transcript that opened the door. Terrified of failing, I worked harder than I thought possible. I believed if people saw my hard work, they wouldn’t notice I didn’t belong.

But with every promotion that same fear snuck in. “I don’t belong here. I’m not as smart as everyone thinks I am.”

Only years later did I discover that millions of people suffer this same, self-doubt-fueled fear. It’s called Impostor Syndrome and it is killing creativity and stifling opportunities for individuals and organizations everywhere.

Maureen Zappala professional speaker.

Companies and event planners love working with Maureen!

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Working with Maureen is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Book her.

Invite Maureen to speak, and know that you will be in the hands of a professional who is easy to work with, and will deliver tremendous value. You will love the humor, stories, research and energy. Her actionable content will change the trajectory of your team.

2. Plan the event

Maureen will work with you or your event planner to co-create a memorable and dynamic experience. She’ll customize the content, and create engagement with the audience. She’ll work hard to understand your needs.

3. Experience it.

Sit back and let Maureen deliver a WOW experience for your group. They will leave changed and challenged. You will leave happy and satisfied. Plus, you’ll be the rock star for bringing Maureen to your group! 

5 Ways to Silence Self-Doubt

How much is Impostor Syndrome costing you or your organization? Over 70% of people experience this persistent self-doubt. It plagues smart and successful people, kills joy and satisfaction, and stifles creativity and innovation. In this free resource, you’ll discover: 

  • The symptoms of Impostor Syndrome
  • The negative effects that self-doubt can have on you or your organzization
  • The positive changes you can expect by overcoming it
  • The Fraud-Free Framework (5 steps to break the impostor cycle)

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