Category: Inspirational Thoughts

A dog with a bone.

Have you ever heard the phrase “She’s like a dog with a bone?” It refers to someone who can’t let go of something, whether it’s

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RIP Freddie

It was a sad day in the Zappala home yesterday. I was sitting on the cold hard wood bench in the upper bleachers at my

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Now THAT’S prosperity!!!

Have you heard of Toastmasters International?  It’s a world-wide organization that helps people develop their communication and leadership skills.  I joined in 1997, and it

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Just in case…

Are you a “just in case” thinker?  Do you plan for any events, situations, or potential problems?  Do you try to envision what could possibly

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Just do it.

I know…Nike beat me to it. That tag line works wonders for them, doesn’t it? Well, doesn’t it? I was in my aerobics class this

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