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Maureen Zappala sharing imposter syndrome keynote

Confidence is NOT Rocket Science:
How to Overcome the Self-doubt of Impostor Syndrome

People see you as skilled and competent. Yet you think to yourself “They think I’m smarter than I really am! I feel like a fraud!” It’s Impostor Syndrome: the persistent feeling of not measuring up to your own resume. 

This chronic self-doubt hits people in every industry, at every level. But there’s help! You can silence that impostor voice so you can fearlessly move ahead without feeling like a fraud. Be released from the clench of the counterfeit.

By learning the powerful strategies of “The Fraud Free Framework”™ you can recalibrate your thinking, and begin believing that you really are as smart as everyone thinks you are. You’ll enjoy your success, bounce back from failure, and experience less pressure to perform perfectly. You’ll move from self-doubt to self-assurance as you reach for more opportunities and ignite your influence. You won’t have to feel like a fraud anymore. Instead, you’ll feel great about being great!

In this program, attendees will:

  • Understand what Impostor Syndrome is, and isn’t.
  • Learn 3 steps to turn their thoughts from pitiful to powerful.
  • Eliminate the “compare & despair” trap when around their peers.
  • Begin to match their confidence to their competence and unleash their influence.

Leadership is NOT Rocket Science:
How to Turn your Superstars into Supernovas

You’d never believe that your high performers have THIS problem. They seem confident and secure, but something is secretly killing their creativity and sapping their energy. Even though you’ve provided all the best training and resources, something is lurking beneath the surface of their performance.

It’s a little-known fact: the #1 issue blocking truly epic performance is Impostor Syndrome.” Even the smartest, most accomplished people experience this secret self-doubt that causes them to second-guess their abilities.

It is costing your organization lost time, lost opportunities, and lost revenue. It causes employee disengagement (“quiet quitting”) team conflict, apathy, and fear of taking on new challenges. In short, you’re not getting the best from your best people.

If you lead, manage, train, mentor or supervise people, you need to understand Impostor Syndrome. The solution is not just a mindset adjustment. It is a thought-process overhaul that can eliminate fears and self-doubts, unleash your team’s productivity, explode their confidence, and transform your organization’s culture.

In this program, leaders will learn:

  • How to interpret Impostor Syndrome symptoms in your team: What you see vs. what they think.
  • Why dealing with your own Impostor Syndrome makes you an even stronger leader.
  • How to identify the ways your organization’s culture is amplifying Impostor syndrome, and what you can do to change that.
  • How becoming more relational is not only easier than you think, it’s more powerful than you know. You can alleviate someone’s impostor syndrome, one simple conversation, one short moment at a time.

How to Add S.P.I.C.E. to Your Speeches!

Have you ever had a deliciously seasoned meal that you remembered and relished long afterward? Why not create the same experience for your audience with your words? In this workshop, you will learn the Five Non-Negotiable-Must-Have-But-Often-Omitted-Game-Changing-And-Astoundingly-Simple Ingredients that makes every presentation an awesome experience.

When you add the five S.P.I.C.E. elements, you will add the extra flavor to your message that will cause your audience to take action to make their lives better. You can be on the road to becoming a master communicator because your speeches will transform people, giving them an experience that they will remember and ideas they will use.

Rethink Impostor Syndrome Associate

Rethinking Impostor Syndrome ™
Understanding and Addressing Impostor Syndrome in the Workplace

Millions of people — CEOs and entry-level professionals, first year college students and PhDs, artists and programmers — secretly worry they’re not as smart or talented as other people “think” they are. It’s called impostor syndrome and it impacts both individuals and their organization. 

In this interactive session you will:

  • Understand what impostor syndrome is – and what it is not 
  • Discover the sources of impostor feelings 
  • Understand how impostor syndrome intersects with diversity and inclusion – and why it matters
  • Identifyyour personal “Competence Type”
  • Understand the individual and organizational costs of impostor syndrome
  • Leave with practical, immediately usable tools to help yourself and/or those you manage, mentor, or parent to address impostor syndrome

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