Super Bowl: When close isn’t close enough

Super Bowl Opening Night inside the stadium

The other night, thanks to an invite from a friend, I was at the Raiders Allegiant Stadium for the Super Bowl opening night party. The game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers is still days away, but that doesn’t stop everyone in Vegas from getting jazzed up. The stadium was buzzing with excitement and the electric atmosphere of one of sports’ biggest events.

Yet, I didn’t have a ticket to the Super Bowl itself—a decision influenced by the hefty $10,000+ price tag.

The party was enjoyable, but it wasn’t the Super Bowl. I wasn’t close to the players, missed out on some of the interviews, and of course, there were no football plays to witness.

This experience perfectly illustrates how impostor syndrome can be a barrier to taking risks or making significant investments in our lives and careers. Just like being at the party but not the game, impostor syndrome keeps us on the sidelines, close enough to our dreams to taste them but too scared to fully commit and experience their reality. We tell ourselves we’re not good enough, not ready, or that the cost—whether financial, emotional, or physical—is too high.

Maureen inside Opening Night Super bowl

The truth is, to experience the fullness of our potential and achievements, we must be willing to ‘buy the ticket.’ Overcoming impostor syndrome takes time; it means recognizing our worth, believing in our abilities, and understanding that, while the investment may seem daunting, the rewards of living boldly and with enthusiasm far outweigh the risks. Let’s not settle for just attending the party; let’s play the game.

Maureen at Super Bowl 2024
allegiant stadium parking lot
Super Bowl Opening Night inside the stadium

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  1. Doug Brinker

    Spot On Maureen Spot On!!

    Thanks for writing sharing and reminding me how far yet I still have to go to my Full Potential!!

  2. Michael Betts

    Go Niners!

  3. Brian Jones

    I saw your social media posts about the Super Bowl pre week festivities. Keep those social media posts coming. Me too about being much more of a college football fan. I am more looking forward to Puppy Bowl XX.

    I do agree that one needs to jump in the pool of life holding their knees to do the cannon ball. But ten grand for a game that means nothing to me is just plain old fashioned too much.

  4. Lorraine Mott

    Always fun to read your blogs! Thanks for sharing!

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